I make car parts websites for the American working man [and woman], because that’s what I am, and that’s who I care about.

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A little bit about me...

My name is Connor and I'm a developer in Richmond, VA. I used to jump out of planes and blow things up. Now I write code and search for truths and meaning in data, as well as build the occasional robot in my spare time.

Demolitions Expert?

After graduating from Elon University with a degree in Physics, I put my toes on a line in Pensacola, FL and began my Naval career. I served as an officer in what we not so humbly (but pretty accurately) call "The World's Most Capable Bomb Squad", Navy EOD.

What's with all the maps?

Post Navy I was lucky enough to land a contractor gig with Google's Indoor Mapping Team. While there I drank a variety of kool aids and chief among them was GIS. It is also where I got my first taste of coding and playing with data as I built tools to streamline operational management.

Whatcha done lately?

I've continued to expand upon what I learned during my stint at Google through both online and brick and mortar institutions while working as a full stack developer at Anitmatter Co.