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Google's mission is to collect all the world's data and make it easily accessible. It would be foolish not to take advantage of their success. To get my hands dirty with Google's Map API, I built a heat map generator for Richmond, VA. In the second map below, I tried my hand in creating a hipster map for the city of your choosing.

Where are all the hipsters in my city?

C'mon we all want to know. Okay maybe you don't. What this map is really about for me is generating an accurate map with multiple queries to the Google Maps JavaScript API. The crux of this problem is that query results are not returned in one large lump of data. Rather, they trickle in. You may get three incrementally larger data sets from a single query, each one containing the data of the last. As you can see this leads to the problem of duplicate and triplicate results. I provided a link to the JS file running this page where any interested can see my solution. For those not interested... I hope you enjoy playing with the map!

Pick your city:

Map includes Google Search results for:

Bike Stores

Book Stores

Art Galleries



Post Offices

Expensive Coffee

Inexpensive Bars

Inexpensive Restaurants

Inexpensive Cafes

Organic Grocery Stores

Keyword: 'consignment'

Tattoo Parlors

Record Stores

Farmers Markets

Keyword: 'artisan'

The JS file for these heat maps.