The Lab - Connor Riley - Freelance Web Developer

This is my sandbox
My place to experiment
My proving ground for ideas

Please excuse the stripped down, bare metal framework. I learned early on that the playgrounds which are the least padded and polished are the most fun.

The Wikipedia Map of…

Map of Wikipedia Articles

Explore the city of your choice in a whole new way with mapped Wikipedia articles.

RVA Heat Map Generator

Heat map of Richmond's bar scene

Generating pre and user defined heat maps using Google Map’s JavaScript API. Come explore RVA or try out the hipster map for your city!

An introduction to Three.js

Create and play with a rotating 3D object using Three.js a super spiffy JS API which utilizes WebGL to render graphics.

Easy Mapping with Tangram

Map of Richmond, VA

Stylish mapping with open source tools and data.

Recursive Flowers

The beauty of random. Throwing some (a lot) of Math.random() into the mix to make — recursive flowers.

Simple recursion — A beginner’s tutorial.

Code walk through of creating a Pythagorean tree in JavaScript with recursive programming techniques.